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Startups- Winners, Winners, Chicken dinners

The summer slow down clearly had an effect on our newsletter as we are a bit late this month.

In last month’s survey, we asked all of you whether your industry was improving/collapsing and we got a surprise: 58% of the respondents stated their industry is either slightly improving (~25%) or are literally overwhelmed (~33%) with new business!

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Getting back to normal

Are we there yet? Almost…we think. I am looking very much forward to being back in the (not home) office again this week, face to face meetings, more personalized engagements with our staff, customers and suppliers.

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Feel the Squeeze yet?

Staggering numbers: The US unemployment rate going from 3.5% in February to 14.7% in April, 20M jobs lost just in April.I am certain, we all know someone by now that’s been economically affected, or worse, gotten sick by Covid-19.

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…what a rollercoaster it’s been the last few weeks!

WFH looked so GOOD, sleeping in, picking a home office location, all your favorite snacks close by, no annoying bosses/coworkers, afternoon workouts….

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Nice funding round – $2.25B

It’s almost Spring and in case you didn’t know already, the month of March was named for the Roman god of war, Mars. Traditionally, this was the time of year to resume military campaigns that had been interrupted by winter.

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Huge Funding Rounds

Happy February, 2020 is starting off great for a few startups as VC's are handing over boatloads of new cash. GoPuff , the online convenience store, secured $750M of fresh dough. Now go to their App and buy a pack of Skittles to get in on the sugar rush! On related...

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Porsche Meets Star Wars

Happy New Year all, It's 2020 and Tesla's are so yesterday. Have you ordered your Porsche Starfighter yet? Star Wars and Porsche teamed up to create the new Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter featured in "The Rise of Skywalker". Transportation 2020 style. (Source:...

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$50k Christmas Bonus

Hi there, hmm... It's our Boston quarterback's resume.....and suddenly your out of college resume doesn't look so bad anymore.... you're welcome. In all fairness, this was Tom's back-up plan in case he didn't make the NFL...but it's still entertaining to envision him...

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