Manufacturing / Prototypes

We offer quick turn prototype services for both mechanical and electronic components and assemblies.

Assembly Process Development / Analysis
We provide comprehensive assembly process development, including required tools and cycle time estimates to ensure production and financial success at launch.

Contract Manufacturer (CM) Selection / Qualification
Our customized CM selection and qualification processes is based on your specific product and volume requirements to avoid costly mistakes.

CM Management
NPA offers full CM management services, including production, output, quality and cost monitoring to guarantee product shipment when you need it.

Pilot Production Line Development
Our manufacturing engineering services include development and installation of your pilot production line for low volume manufacturing.

Volume Production Line Development
We offer complete design and development of your high-volume assembly and test line to scale manufacturing to your volume and cost targets.

Manufacturing Transfer
If you need to change CMs or bring up an additional assembly line, we provide global transfer services, including new tooling and final process sign-off.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Financial Models
To fully understand your true operational cost at launch and at volume we offer to develop a comprehensive COGS financial model.

Process Improvements
We perform an independent analysis of current processes to streamline and drive more efficient operations with tools such as 5S, LEAN and Six Sigma.

Fractional VP of Manufacturing/Operations
We offer a variety of fractional manufacturing executive services to support your needs.

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