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AI in Boston and March was great for fundraising

Yesterday was Patriots Day, which in Boston is synonymous with Marathon Day. Every year, it’s a fantastic party and a tremendous show of grit, endurance, and team spirit. I found that many items related to training for and running such distances have remarkable similarities in business.

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Massachusetts business confidence is up and so are funding options

It’s snowing here in greater Boston, and we are having a great time! Since you are probably goofing off…kill some time and give us a review here.

The Robot Summit & Expo is back, and it looks better than ever. We will be there and hope to see you. (Early Bird pricing is still available.)

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Amazing Startup Events

Naah, summer is not over, at least not in New England! September is shaping up to be a fantastic month, with the best startup events of the year. I hope we see you there!

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Let’s accelerate clean tech

Hi all!

According to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), Massachusetts needs 38,100 workers to transition to a clean energy state.

Their webinar forecasts thousands of new jobs by 2030 to meet the state’s decarbonization goals.

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Tiny robots and lots of exciting new startups

I hope all my American friends are enjoying their Independence Day Holiday. We are off to a great barbecue with friends.

Barbecue and beer aside for a moment, this is pretty exciting. A group of MIT engineers are developing new Soft Robots made of fiber-based actuators and magnetic elastomer composite helical structures that move when exposed to unidirectional magnetic fields. I can think of some pretty interesting applications.

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