Great robotics news and events

November 8, 2023

Great robotics news and events
Hi all!
The team at MassRobotics announced the launch of the MassRobotics Accelerator, powered by Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.

We absolutely admire what MassRobotics does for Startups, Women in Robotics, STEM programs, and so much more.
(Photo credit: MassRobotics)
The program will support and advance robotics entrepreneurs. Startups accepted into the program will receive $100,000 in non-dilutive funding.

Applications are due on November 30th. Apply here.
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The State of Manufacturing

The Manufacturing PMI Index contracted in October to 46.7%. After a couple of months of good growth, it dropped by 2.3%.

Both New Orders and Production contracted in September.

Prices are decreasing while employment keeps contracting.
Our friends at EPE Components recently added additional services to their portfolio because
Preventing counterfeit parts in electronics manufacturing is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of electronic products.

EPE TESTING SERVICES offers services to help mitigate the risk of counterfeit electronic components.

Testing Facility: EPE TESTING SERVICES has its own state-of-the-art testing facility. 

Counterfeit Mitigation Testing: EPE provides counterfeit mitigation testing services for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, military, medical, industrial, robotics, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.  

Comprehensive Test Reports: Clients receive comprehensive test reports after the evaluation detailing information about the authenticity and quality of the components being tested.  

Protection in the "Grey Market": EPE TESTING SERVICES helps protect against counterfeit parts that may be prevalent in the grey market, ensuring that components used in manufacturing are genuine and reliable. 

Subscription Service: Subscription service offers a cost-effective way to ensure the authenticity of electronic components regularly sourced from different suppliers.  

Expert Assistance: Please reach out to
Electricity generated from Fossil fuel has passed its peak in half the world, according to this analysis from think tank Ember.

The analysis shows how 107 electricity markets worldwide are already at least five years past a peak in power generation from coal, gas, and oil, confirming the momentum of the clean energy revolution.

To achieve the rapid reduction in emissions required this decade, there needs to be a fast acceleration in the deployment of wind and solar power to provide about 40% of global power by 2030, according to the IEA’s latest net-zero scenario.
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Boston-area companies raised around $1.12 billion in OctoberCleantech companies raised around $423 million combined, while manufacturing companies received $100 million in funding. The only hardware funding in October was raised by JetCool Technologies Inc., with a $17 million Series A round.

Electric Hydrogen has raised a $380M Series C round, boosting its valuation to over $1B.

rStream, a robotics company focused on waste management and recycling, is rolling out a pilot program with UMass Dining Services. The program will test the AI’s ability to identify in real time what is going through the waste stream.

Amazon and MIT are partnering to study how robots impact jobs. The study seems less concerned with actual job numbers and more with how human employees feel about the inevitable increase of robotics and AI in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial settings.
Our friends at the Mass Innovation Network are celebrating their 2023 Evening of Innovation on Nov. 8th.

It's a fun event with lots of exciting startups and fantastic prices. You can get your tickets here.
The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MTLC) today announced a rebrand to best meet the needs of today’s technology ecosystem and ensure Massachusetts remains a hub of global innovation.

“Massachusetts is a pioneer of technology, responsible for enormous job growth, which has been critical to the health of our local economy. We must create the opportunities to make sure we keep this amazing talent here in the region,” says Sara Fraim, CEO of MTLC. 

Nominations are open for the 2024 Robotics Medal and Rising Star Robotics Award. The Rising Star Robotics Award is presented to an early-career professional woman in the field of robotics.

Nominations can be provided here.
TechCrunch Early Stage — a flagship event designed for budding entrepreneurs and founders at the very start of their startup journey — returns on April 25, 2024, in Boston at the SoWa Power Station. You can reserve your pass here.
NPA's 2023 Boston Hardware Startup Spotlight!
The best Startups in New England.
For 2023, we decided to switch up our process and provide Startup Spotlights each month on the best Startups with Hardware content in Boston.

If you know an exciting Startup that deserves a Spotlight, please send a brief message to, and we will consider them.
Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is a leading global provider of mobile telematics and analytics solutions.

One of CMT's main accomplishments is their development of the DriveWell® platform, which gathers sensor data from millions of IoT devices — including smartphones, proprietary Tags, connected vehicles, dashcams, and third-party devices — and fuses them with contextual data to create a unified view of vehicle and driver behavior.
DriveWell® has been instrumental in promoting safer driving habits, reducing accidents, and helping individuals and organizations improve their road safety.

CMT's technology and data analytics have been instrumental in advancing the study of traffic and congestion. Their insights and data have helped transportation agencies and urban planners make informed decisions to alleviate traffic congestion and improve transportation infrastructure.

Click here to learn more about Cambridge Mobile Telematics.
Our monthly survey
In our October survey, we asked which function of your company will see the biggest benefit from using AI.

Most respondents said that strategy and corporate finance would be the top functions benefiting from AI with 14.1%, while manufacturing and supply chain management came in second place, with 12.9%.

Amazon and MIT are deep-diving into the impact robots will have on jobs and how humans feel about the subject. Everyone seems to agree that robotics and AI will have a profound impact on human jobs going forward, so we'd like to know:
Does your company have a plan for integrating robots while considering the impact on employees?
Yes, there is a well-defined plan in place
Yes, there s a plan, but it could be more comprehensive in considering employees
No, there's no clear plan in place for integrating robots with employees.
Not sure, I am not aware of the company's plan in this regard
Other (let us know!)

‘Bionic woman’ is the first to have a robotic limb merged with bone — and controlled with her mind. TheFutureIsAmazing
(Source: NY Post)

It might come as a shock, but Massachusetts has the most affordable Starbucks prices in the country (sort of). ButPumpkinSpiceSeasonIsOver
(Source: Axios Boston)

Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023 include LEGO braille Bricks, a personal helicopter, and lots of AI gizmos. SomeCoolLifeChangingInventions
(Source: Time)

Amazon has begun delivering prescription medicine by drone in Texas as it continues to try out nonhuman deliveries. ConvenienceAndEfficiency (Source: Time)
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