2021 will be a great year

February 25, 2021

2021 will be a great year

Ouch, this guy threw away a digital wallet with 7,500 Bitcoins, now worth ~$375M, and he wants it back badly.

Mining for coin just got real...at the local landfill.
And here some good news, the second company of NPA's 2020 Startups to watch just hit Unicorn status: Locus Robotics. Congrats!!
If you need some technical intern superstars, we got two for you. See below.
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The State of Manufacturing

The overall PMI Index went to 58.7% in January.

Pricing keeps going up in all industries.

Global supply shortages and delivery challenges remain.
Overall, the manufacturing sector keeps improving.
Engineering Tricks and Tips

Some of you might recognize Michal Zalewski's name, also known by the user name lcamtuf. He is a computer security whiz who also enjoys hardware stuff. Here is a link to his excellent Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting.
And just so our Supply Chain fellows can geek out and drive the next key initiatives that will make their companies operate at peak efficiency. Here is a wonderful overview that Gartner developed about the Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy. More here.
Superstar Interns

The Rocket Engineer!
Junior Year Aerospace Engineering student at WPI interested in pursuing an internship in Systems Engineering, Test Engineering, or Propulsions Engineering. I have work experience with product development and project experience with sensor integration and soft robotics. Please feel free to reach out at 207-478-4402 or cjmiholovich@wpi.edu (Connor Miholovich).

Dual Major Engineer!
Junior Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering student at WPI looking for an internship in cleantech, alternate fuel technologies, or clean energy. I have chemistry and biology wet lab work experience and fundamental machining skills. Please contact me at mhfrasch@wpi.edu or 774-420-9553 (Michelle Frasch).
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Harvard I-Lab welcomes 427 Startups in their 2021 Spring Venture program. That's a ton of new ideas! Want to know more about what they do and who they are? More on this here.
BOLT, the Hardware accelerator / Investment company, is closing its iconic incubator space between Downtown Crossing and Chinatown in March. Sad to see this dedicated Hardware Startup support space disappear. The Boston Globe has the scoop.

$30M in new funding, Awards won, Major milestones achieved to scale their businesses. These Startups kicked off 2021 hard.
Find the latest updates of the hottest Boston Startups here.
American Robotics achieved a major milestone and got FAA approval for fully automated commercial drone flights. Find out why this is so important here. (Source: Commercial UAV News)

Boston Materials launched its industrial size 60-inch-wide production line of its patented Z-axis Carbon Fiber Materials to support their various customer markets. More on this here. (Source: Boston Materials & PRNewswire)

Farm to Flame, which develops generators to convert Biomass feedstock into clean energy, was awarded a highly competitive EPA $100k SBIR grant. More on this here. (The TechGarden)

Flare's two co-founders, Quinn Fitzgerald & Sara Dickhaus de Zarraga, were named two social entrepreneurs to watch for in 2021 by Cause Artist. Flare makes a safety bracelet for women to get out of unsafe situations with the push of a button. More about this here. (Cause Artist)

Flux Marine, the maker of state-of-the-art Marine EV engines, opened their East Greenwich, RI office with direct water access to offer demo rides in the near future. Also, Flux marine was approved for a $50k RI innovation grant. Boat season is starting soon! (Source: Flux Marine & Providence Journal)

GelSight, the 3-D Imaging Systems company, raised a $10M Series B round to support its growth in the aerospace market. See where the dough is coming from on PRNewswire.

SparkCharge is rolling out an on-demand EV charging service and plans on offering it in 25 cities by the end of 2021. Need a charge, go here and find out how. (Source: Business Insider)

Sunthetics, which develops hardware and machine learning software to highly accelerate results using electrochemistry, raised a $250k Equity round. The new funds support their existing customer engagements and further growth within the Big Pharma and Specialty Chemical markets. (Source: Sunthetics)

WiTricity, the mobility wireless charging company, raised an additional $18M round to accelerate their technology deployment. (Source: WiTricity)

3-D printing is the shits because you can make stuff fast. The first permitted 3D-printed house is up for sale in NY for $299,999. PrintedInTheUSA (Source: CNN)

Concerned about the next earthquake? It looks like a few amateurs figured out an ML (machine learning) algorithm to predict when and where it will rattle next. ShakeIt (Source: Wired)

Have you ever heard of a steel mill cobble? Neither have I. Pretty fascinating and quite dangerous. GoneRouge (Source: Engineering Clicks)
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