NPA’s Startups To Watch In 2021 & A Cool $2B investment

January 20, 2021

NPA's Startups to watch in 2021 & a cool $2B investment
Lots of exciting news this month!

First off, we announced the NPA's Startups to watch in 2021. Check these companies out.

Well, well, well, Cruise is starting off red hot and just announced it pulled in an astonishing $2 Billon investment from Microsoft.

Welcome to 2021!
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The State of Manufacturing
The overall PMI Index grew to 60.7% in December.

Pricing jumped an incredible 12.2% across all industries. More on that from our EPE guest contributor below.

Inventories and deliveries remain low due to global supply shortages and delivery challenges.
Average production material lead times keep getting longer, now at 69 days.
Electronic Component News (from our Guest writer at EPE Components)
You might have heard or already experienced the global shortage of many electronic components.

Specifically, Integrated Circuits (IC's) are causing distressing situations everywhere.

Just to give you one example, several car manufacturers have shut down or implemented reduced production at their plants.
The latest news is that Ford has stopped production in Germany at their high volume Focus plant for 4 weeks due to IC shortages.
Given this critical topic to everyone building electronic products, we are thrilled to have EPE Components / Electronic Parts Exchange provide us with their real-time information for the key component manufacturers.

Infineon: At full capacity for MOSFETs, expect delays and longer lead times.
Microchip: All new purchase orders are subject to (a new) NCNR (Non-cancelable, Non-returnable) window of 90 days as of 1/2021
Osram: All components are on full allocation.
Texas Instruments: At full capacity on many technologies. Overbooking and de-commits for the next six months and possibly for the entire 2021. The ability to support volume upsides are extremely limited. Added capacity is in place, but benefits are likely not recognized until the 2nd half of 2021.
Renesas: Longer lead times and increased pricing on all legacy products.
Xilinx: 25% price increases beginning 4/1/2021 for Spartan-6, Virtex-6,-7, and Kintex-7.
NXP: Allocation and cost increases for legacy products.
Broadcom: Constraints on all product lines.
Micron: Price increases on spot buys.
Koa: Allocation is in effect for RK73 series thick film resistors.

In general, expect price increases across all manufacturers due to increasing raw material costs and higher demands.

Lastly, Holidays across South East Asia are starting on February 11th. Many plants are shutting down for 1 to 2 weeks. If you need a product shipped, we recommend the following guidelines:
Holiday: Feb 11 - 17, 2021
Recommended ship by date:
Feb 8, 2021

Holiday: Feb 12 - 15, 2021
Recommended ship by date:
Feb 10, 2021

Holiday: Feb 10 - 16, 2021
Recommended ship by date:
Feb 8, 2021

Holiday: Feb 12 - 14, 2021
Recommended ship by date:
Feb 10, 2021

Holiday: Feb 12 - 13, 2021
Recommended ship by date:
Feb 10, 2021

Holiday: Feb 12, 2021
Recommended ship by date:
Feb 10, 2021

We will put in a shameless plug for our Electronics Component News guest writer, Gerry Shapiro from EPE Components (, for his helpful contributions.

If you ever need components in a hurry, he can always find them for you amazingly. EPE also has a great process to ensure all components are genuine OEM parts.

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Drum roll, please.....

After many hours of research, analysis, and just plain stalking these companies, we concluded our process and are announcing the

NPA's Boston Hardware Startups to watch in 2021!
Just as in the past, we will report monthly about these companies on how they progress in growing and scaling their businesses.

Thanks to all that applied and sent us info, and congrats to all that ultimately made this year's list.
It's that time of year again, #Accelerator applications are starting up again, and we have had so much fun supporting CleanTechOpen now for several years.
@CleantechOpenNE (CTONE) wants the world’s top #cleantech #startups to join its 2021 #accelerator! Applications are open NOW and accepted on a rolling basis until 4/19/20 -- let us help get your #venture off the ground this year. To learn more and apply, visit here.
CTONE is also always looking for Mentors in all categories, business, engineering, law, fundraising, manufacturing, supply chain, sustainability, etc.

To check it out and apply, click here or contact us, and I will be glad to answer any Mentor questions you might have.
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