Over $3B in new startup funding

July 6, 2022

Over $3B in new startup funding
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Remember IPOs? Companies have raised just $4.9 billion via US IPOs this year, less than 6% of the record sum raised in the first half of 2021.

It's the lowest volume it has been since the 2008 financial crisis:

The carbon footprint of digital technologies is huge, and tech creates more CO2 emissions than aviation.

The infrastructure and devices that enable modern computing account for about 2%–4% of the global total.
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The State of Manufacturing
The Manufacturing PMI Index dropped more than 3% to 53%. New Orders are down by almost 6%, which reflects our prediction last month that the market is slowly softening.

Last month's concerns about the supply situation worsening is clearly reflected in the June numbers. Supplier deliveries slowed by 8.4% and based on NPA's research we expect this to get worse in the next couple months.
Despite the labor and supply-chain problems, many companies are investing in additional automation and using new technologies, such as 5G, IoT, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, to adapt to the ever-changing challenges. Here are some good ideas that both smaller manufacturers and startups should consider to remain competitive.
Boston startups raised $616.25 million in May, with the biotech industry leading the way with $305.5 million, followed by the software industry with $256 million and health tech startups with $29.25 million.

Notable robotics and hardware content companies as part of last month's funding rounds.
Southie Autonomy raised $2.5 million in seed funding and $5M in robot lease financing. The company is pursuing a robot-as-a-service business model.

RGo Robotics launched with a $20M round to develop AI-based technology for mobile robots to have human-level perception.

Last month, the Boston area startups reeled in $2.7 billion in fresh dough, quite an increase from May.

Mark your calendars!

The 2022 Manufacturing Mash-Up will once again happen at the Polar Park in Worcester, MA, on September 16!

Come see us and many more companies, startups, and cool Tech (or just come and have a beer with us).
RightHand Robotics, an NPA Start up to Watch Alumni partnered with Asetec for future robotic logistics center integration projects in South Korea.

MIT Professor Donald Sadoway wins the 2022 European Inventor Award for inventing liquid metal batteries to store renewable energy on a large scale.
The best Hardware Startups in New England.
Boston Materials CEO, Anvesh Gurijala, presented their newest sustainable carbon fiber composites fuel cell and electronics cooling technology at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility 2022!

Flexxbotics announced their new partnership with Adams, continuing their US expansion.

GenH was recognized by Nasdaq in Times Square as a milestone maker. Congratulations!
Our monthly survey

In our June survey, we asked whether our readers agreed with Elon Musk's statement about working from home.

The results showed a draw at 32% between the options that yes, everyone should be back at the office and no, a hybrid approach is the best practice.
The manufacturing industry’s recovery hinges on a confluence of factors, including supply chain stability, keeping input costs low, productivity, overall market demand and trade policy stability.
Apart from those, what other factors are crucial on the road to recovery for your company?
Access to talent.
Funding for innovation.
Increase in the overall market demand.
Automating manual labor.
Outsourcing to lower-cost centers.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant could be getting a creepy upgrade: the ability to mimic the voices of your family members, dead or alive. 
NotCreepyAtAll (Source: APNews)

A 465,177 part problem. This guy lost a USB flash drive with personal data of an entire city's residents after a night out. WontDrinkInThisCityAgain (Source: CNN)

Earth.fm: is like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes and you can listen to nature sounds from all over the world – it's actually really cool stuff. TheSealPupsInAntarcticaSoundLikeA DrunkingCollegeStudent (Source: Earth.fm)
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