NPA’s 2021 Startups to Watch are killing it!

September 22, 2021

NPA's 2021 Startups to Watch are killing it!
Happy first week of autumn!
September 20th was Special!

Locus Robotics announced that it has acquired Waypoint Robotics

Jason Walker, Waypoint Co-founder & CEO: "This is absolutely a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I couldn’t be more proud of the Waypoint team and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to serve as your CEO."

The official statement from Locus Robotics can be found here.
And later that day, Tank Utility announced that Generac is acquiring them.

Amos Epstein, CEO and Co-Founder Tank Utility: " It truly takes a team to raise a company, and we wouldn't be here if not for all the fantastic teammates, customers, partners, investors, friends, and family who helped along the way. Thank you!

Read here the company announcement.

Congrats, Waypoint Robotics & Tank Utility!!
The NPA's Boston Hardware Startups to Watch are killing it this year, and there is more exciting news to come!
This Operations Update is provided with support from:
The State of Manufacturing
PMI Index in August shows Customer Inventories still about 20% points below normal. The shortage situation is not getting better any time soon.

Electronics component pricing has gone into ludicrous mode. We have lately seen some companies charging 20-35 times the normal pricing.
And here are some additional industry insights from our contributors at EPE Components.

As we enter Q4 of 2021, the price of the semiconductor product groups continues to rise:  

  • Microchip, ST Micro, and Osram are notables rolling out new pricing structures
  • ISSI is revising its booking policies – effective 10/1/2021 – affecting cancellation windows and rescheduling
  • Epson continues limited production adversely affecting crystal units, kHz/MHz series, oscillators, and sensors
  • On Semi’s SOIC-8 & TSSOP-8/24 packages remain in critical supply. The capacity for both packages has been fully allocated for CY2023
Electronics components prices keep rising as global logistics just can’t seem to catch a break.

The Supplyframe Q3 Commodity Intelligence Quarterly reported that components prices are as high as 40% when compared with the prior year and the main cause is availability. The suppliers are holding onto their inventory to drive up costs.
Boston startups and tech firms raised over $2.1B in August. The majority of funding went (as usual) to biotech companies, around $1.1B combined, while software companies raised $461M. Whoop, the tech unicorn, raised another $200M, led by SoftBank. The company now has a valuation of $3.6B.

Startup leaders across the country, including in Massachusetts, are pushing for a Startup Visa. This visa would target business owners and startup entrepreneurs that want to come to the U.S. and make a difference. This is excellent news, and we hope Boston can capitalize on that!
StartUp Boston Week: It's happening NOW! Started on September 20th, the StartUp Boston Week is a free 5-day event that is jam-packed with all the educational content and networking you could need to start or scale your startup. The full schedule and ticket reservation can be found here.

MassRobotics launches the inaugural Robo Boston Festival that will take place in the innovative Boston Seaport neighborhood on Friday, Oct. 1st, and Saturday, Oct. 2nd.

Don't miss the Robot Block Party on October 2nd. Bring the kids, they'll love it! For more details on this two-day event, click here.
FORGE will be part of the Mass Manufacturing Mash-up Event to celebrate innovative manufacturing in the Commonwealth.
The event will happen on Tuesday, September 28th.

Access to the event agenda and registration can be done here. It's free!
Find the latest updates of the hottest Boston Startups here.
Clip won the 2021's Keeling Curve Prize. The prize awards $250,000 annually to ten companies worldwide that are diligently at work on projects that address the complexity of skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions. Congrats! To read the full winner's list, click here.

Desktop Metal announced it will acquire ExOne on a total transaction value of $575 million. The details on the acquisition can be read here.

Embr Labs has joined the Innovators' Network at the American Heart Association's Center for Health Technology and Innovation. More on this here.

OptimusRide was selected for a DOE grant of $4.3M to deploy one of the largest fleets of autonomous shuttles in the U.S. Find out more here.

Tank Utility announced that they are being acquired by Generac. Generac has been a Tank Utility investor since 2016. Read the full statement here.

Tive and Cloudleaf announce a technology partnership. Together, Cloudleaf and Tive provide organizations with real-time location and condition insights to shipments across the globe. Read more about this here.

WaveSense announces a name change to GPR. The company name change coincides with the reveal of the next generation of its Ground Positioning Radar. The company's complete statement can be read here.

Waypoint Robotics announced that Locus Robotics has acquired them. Both leaders in their segments, this partnership will drive the digital transformation of the warehouse. Find out more here.
Our monthly survey
As the global geopolitical uncertainty continues to heat up, we see specifically the latest developments in Asia as potential risks for new Supply Chain Challenges.
Do you think the Chinese Tech Company crack down will have an effect on your supply?
Yes, we have already experienced negative effects.
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Poop-detecting AI is a thing: The new Roomba will use AI combined with a front camera to avoid spreading dog poop all over your floor. That's a great use of technology! Finallyfunpuppydays (source: CNN)
Extinct mammoths will make a comeback: The Boston-based startup Colossal raised $15M to recreate the first mammoths in the next 4-6 years – an animal that disappeared roughly 10,000 years ago.
Isaypopcornandenjotheshow (Source: The Guardian)
Taco Bell is now a Tech brand.

In mid-September, the fast-food company announced the "Taco Lover’s Pass", in which customers can get the same taco every day for 30 days with a $5 to $10 monthly subscription. IhopeRosaMexicanoislistening (source: CNN)
Enjoy this lovely Fall weather and see you next month.

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