Startups- Winners, Winners, Chicken dinners

September 30, 2020

Startups- Winners, Winners, Chicken dinners

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The summer slow down clearly had an effect on our newsletter as we are a bit late this month.

In last month's survey, we asked all of you whether your industry was improving/collapsing and we got a surprise:

58% of the respondents stated their industry is either slightly improving (~25%) or are literally overwhelmed (~33%) with new business!

Great to see that 1/3 of businesses responded that they are overwhelmed with new business.
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The State of Manufacturing

The overall PMI Index went up another 1.8% to 56%.

New Orders continue their strong upwards trend as in the prior 3 months.

Inventories across the board keep contracting while Backlog keeps increasing. This clearly explains some of the ongoing supply challenges across various industries.

Average production material lead times remain the same at 66 days.
Does your business experience supply challenges?
Yes, but manageable
Yes, in allocation mode on some materials
No, we are just fine

A couple of Boston's best Accelerators are wrapping up their programs in the next few weeks and we'll see many startups energized and equipped with new skills to press forward in their journey to become the next Apple, Google or Tesla.

Cleantech Open NorthEast (CTONE) will have their Regional Finals on Thursday, Oct 1st at 2PM. Join the live zoom meeting to see the best start-ups pitch their companies. Sign up here.

The National CleanTech Open Finals will be held on Oct 21st and we will provide the sign-up link once available.

The Global Awards and Showcase Event will be held on Friday, Oct. 23rd. Register here to find out the Grand Prize winner.

MassChallange is also wrapping up their program with the 2020 MassChallange Virtual Awards Banquet on Oct. 22nd. Sign-up here if you want to find out who will win this year.
August's fundraising efforts were way down from the huge haul in July. Boston Startups raised $1.3B last month.

Other notable standouts were:
  • Brio Systems secured $1.9M,
  • Indigo Ag raised a $360M round,
  • Root AI raised $7.2M,
  • and Vicarious Surgical raised $13.2M.

Read more about which companies received funding last month here. (Source: BOSTINNO)
Latest news of the hottest Boston Hardware Startups.

Altiostar Tech Mahindra sold it's 17.5% stake to Rakuten. More about this here. (Source: Livemint)

Desktop Metal has announced that it will become a publicly listed company on the NY Stock Exchange in Q4 of 2020, following an investment from Trine. More on this here. (Source: Businesswire)

FormLabs released their larger print capacity Form 3L system and is planning to release a biocompatible resin version, the Form 3BL later this year. Read more about this here. (Source: 3d printing industry)

Fortify started shipping its FLUX ONE 3D printer capable of printing photopolymers to customers. After years of developments, that's a fantastic milestone. More details here. (Source: 3DPrinting media)

Locus Robotics has crossed the 200 million units picked milestone with the autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfillment warehouses. Read more on this here .(Source: PRNewswire).

MetalMark is taking great strides towards launching a catalyst to eliminate airborne particles such as covid-19 amongst several other applications.
Find out more here (Source: Harvard University).

Superpedestrian is launching it's LINK scooter in Rome. More on this here .(Source: SiliconCanals).

WiTricity the McLaren Speedtail customers, and hopefully many more in the future will be happy by charging their electric cars wirelessly. Find out more here .(Source: Carbuzz).

Scientists developed artificial skin that's able to feel.... Datawouldbeproud (Source: Reuters)

If you think you drew the short stick during the pandemic, check out what's happening to ship crews... 14 months at sea! ShippingCrisis (Source: Bloomberg)

Your smartphone knows when you are drunk. EasyNow (Source: Wired)
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