$50k Christmas Bonus

December 21, 2019

Hi there,
hmm… It’s our Boston quarterback’s resume…..and suddenly your out of college resume doesn’t look so bad anymore…. you’re welcome.

In all fairness, this was Tom’s back-up plan in case he didn’t make the NFL…but it’s still entertaining to envision him as a corporate sales guy.
(Source: Facebook)


Robot & Cobot orders continue to grow rapidly with $1.3B in orders through Q3/19. Additive manufacturing and IOT make further in-rows into small and medium size businesses.
Find out more about the future of Manufacturing Technology here
(Source: Industry Week)

If you use CAD for engineering and haven’t tried this yet, check out Onshape , one of the cool Boston tech companies, recently acquired by PTC .

Supply chain geeks rejoice , this is for you.
Arrow’s Q4/19 Memory and Storage update. These components are volatile.
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The Coolest Cooler fizzles out and leaves crowdfunding backers looking for their money…. don’t make those mistakes, contact us. See also related ICYMI article. (Source: c/net)

Deloitte released their 2019 Fast 500 Technology Companies ……..
and big surprise HARDWARE is still INSANELY tough .
Did I mention we love hardware. (Source: Deloitte)

Since we love the greater Boston Startup community we compiled the

From bootstrapped to $100’sM in funding, these companies are poised for growth in 2020 with their innovative tech and we are fortunate to call several of them our customers. Let us know if you think we missed your company.


If you didn’t get a $50k check yet, you work in the wrong industry.
We hear Real Estate is handing out $50k Christmas Bonuses on top of their year end bonus.

Ever wonder what the difference is between a snafu, a shitshow and a clusterfuck. Illusion. Impatience. Incompetence. (Source: Quarz)

Attacking Vikings are back. Axe throwing is now a global sport. Try it!
We did, but it looked more like this. (Source: Giphy)

Don’t want to schlep your ski’s and gear when going to the mountain? No worries, Uber’s got you covered with it’s latest feature “Uber Ski” starting on December 17th in Boston and 23 other cities. (Source: bizjournals)

Have an awesome holiday season.


P.S. Hire us we owe people money.
P.S.S. Contact us if you are an independent, Buyer, ME / EE / Manufacturing engineer or good with doing administrative work. We kinda need some more folks.

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