The Supply Chain Has a New Paradigm

September 15, 2023

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) was in the middle of a three-year review and update of its Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) planning model to reflect the global supply chain of 2030, when COVID-19 struck.

In some ways the timing was opportune, given the supply-demand dislocation that followed, the stay-at-home economy, the emergence of new digital technologies and the shift in market power from seller to consumer. Almost overnight, 80% of the Plan-Source-Make-Deliver model initially developed in 1996 was re-imagined.

The new SCOR Digital Standard (SCOR-DS) model focuses on collaborative orchestration of supply chain functions among partners. Fulfillment is now bi-directional to manage supply and demand disruption and address reverse logistics issues with returns, leases and service contracts, and circularity. Broader sustainability initiatives are synchronized with commercial objectives. ASCM’s standards, best practices, certification and training programs and scoring system are extended to assess both technology and process advances. 

In The Supply Chain Has a New Paradigm, we examine the SCOR-DS evolution and what it means for supply chain professionals grappling with transformation at various stages of the process, with ASCM executive vice president Peter Bolstorff and with a loyal user Allen Jacques, with Ottawa-based supply chain planning platform and app developer Kinaxis. “Specifically, we examine the use of digital twins for “concurrent planning” among fully connected partners receiving and sharing granular end-to-end operational data in real time.  

Read The Supply Chain Has a New Paradigm to unveil the future of supply chain management in the era of SCOR Digital Standard (SCOR-DS).

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